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Title: Steven Wilson - 4 (2016)
Post by: ObiwanKenomi on January 06, 2016, 08:46:04 AM
On January 22, 2016, Steven Wilson will release a new mini album called 4 .

4 is interim release between Hand. Cannot. Erase. and his next album. Four of the songs originated during the sessions for Hand. Cannot. Erase. and one from the recording sessions for The Raven That Refused To Sing.
The final track is a new version of Don't Hate Me - a song recorded by Porcupine Tree in 1998 - based on a live recording made on the recent tour of Europe, with additional recording in the studio.
The vocals on this new version are sung as a duet between Steven and Ninet Tayeb.


1. My Book of Regrets (9.23)
2. Year of the Plague (4.15)
3. Happiness 3 (4.31)
4. Sunday Rain Sets In (3.50)
5. Vermillioncore (5.09)
6. Don't Hate Me (9.34)

Total Time 36:42


Steven Wilson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass guitar


Guthrie Govan - lead guitar
Nick Beggs - bass guitar
Marco Minnemann - drums
Adam Holzman - keyboards
Theo Travis - saxophone, flute
Ninet Tayeb - vocals
Craig Blundell - drums
Chad Wackerman - drums
Dave Kilminster - guitar