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Band of Rain (UK) / Band of Rain - The Dust of Stars 2017
« on: January 07, 2017, 02:19:57 PM »
New album 2017
New band   2017

Band of Rain has been in existence since 2002

There are 5 albums so far:

Deep Space 2004
Garlands 2005
Arts & Allurements 2007
Sun in VIII 2011
The Dust of Stars 2017

We have finished the 5th album and its called The Dust of Stars.
9 original songs totalling 64 mins and 51 secs
It features Micha Steinbacher who also co wrote, and wrote some of the songs. Micha has made a massive contribution to this album.

There are 3 minute samples on the listen page on the .com website. Just bear in mind some of our songs have a longer intro than that ;-) Also they are low quality mp3s the album quality is much higher...

You can hear us and see us at

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