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Iron Butterfly (USA) / Iron Butterfly - Biography
« on: January 09, 2016, 11:02:41 AM »
A short Biography on Iron Butterfly, taken from Classic Bands:

During the progressive music revolution in the late 60s, one of the most surprising successes was that of Iron Butterfly. The band was formed by Doug Ingle, who added Ron Bushy, Lee Dorman and briefly, Danny Weiss. Together, they were arguably the first to amalgamate the terms 'heavy' and 'rock', following the release of their debut album called "Heavy" in 1968. Later that same year, Weis left the band and guitarist Erik Braunn stepped in.
When Iron Butterfly relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles, the band started to gain a live following and soon was gigging with the likes of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.

On September 7, 1968, Iron Butterfly's second effort entered the charts with what was to become its signature album, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". The 17-minute title track of that album was one of the pioneer songs that spurned the popularity of extended jams in progressive rock. The album became a multi-million-seller and was for a number of years the biggest-selling item in Atlantic Records' catalogue.
The album also became the record industry's first platinum disc, selling over 4 million copies. It contained everything a progressive rock fan could want, - neo-classical organ with Far East undertones, a solid beat, screeching guitar parts, barbed-wire feedback and an long drum solo. A singles version of the song hit No. 30 on the U.S. national charts. Magnificently overwrought at the time, the intervening years have been less kind to its standing.

The follow-up, "Ball", was less of a success, despite being a better collection of songs, notably the invigorating 'It Must Be Love' and the more subtle 'Soul Experience'. Braunn departed after a weak live album and was replaced by two guitarists: Larry 'Rhino' Rheinhart and Mike Pinera. However, no further success ensued. "Metamorphosis" was a confused collection, recorded when the band was disintegrating, and in 1971, the band split up.

Iron Butterfly (USA) / Iron Butterfly - Links & Info
« on: January 09, 2016, 11:00:58 AM »
Iron Butterfly is a Psychedelic Prog band from the USA, which was formed during the progressive music revolution in the late 60's.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears (USA) / Blood, Sweat & Tears - Biography
« on: January 09, 2016, 09:21:25 AM »
Blood, Sweat & Tears Biography taken from Classic Bands:

For a brief period at the end of the '60s and the start of the '70s, Blood, Sweat & Tears , which fused a rock & roll rhythm section to a horn section, held out the promise of a jazz-rock fusion that could storm the pop charts. The band was organized in New York in 1967 out of the remnants of the Blues Project by keyboard player/singer Al Kooper and guitarist Steve Katz of that group and saxophonist Fred Lipsius . The rhythm section consisted of bassist Jim Fielder and drummer Bobby Colomby and the horn section was filled out by trumpeters Randy Brecker and Jerry Weiss and trombonist Dick Halligan .

Al Kooper came up with the name when he was on the phone with a promoter, while gazing at a Johnny Cash album cover. The album was called, "Blood Sweat & Tears". The inspiration for the band name did not come from Winston Churchill's quote, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat", as was widely reported at the time. Their first gig was at the Village Theater (which later became the Fillmore East) as the opening act for the James Cotton Blues band.

A couple of weeks later the band opened for Moby Grape at the Cafe A Go Go. They were a huge success and three record labels were willing to sign the group. They decided to sign Columbia, a label that Kooper already had a relation-ship with. In December 1967 they began recording their first album "Child Is Father To The Man", which was released on February 21 1968. The critics loved it and compared it to the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" and the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". The album was considered as a mile stone in rock music and was awarded a Grammy nomination, but only hit # 47 in the charts.

Al Kooper began working on the next BS&T album, searching for songs for follow-up material. On the first album, Kooper was given free hands to do what he could for BS&T. On the second album Katz and Colomby wanted to take a more active part in the development of the band and both of them wanted to get a new, better, stronger vocalist. After meeting with Kooper he decided to leave the band after their last gig at the Garrick Theatre in New York. Also Randy Brecker left the band to join the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Band. He was replaced by Chuck Winfield. Jerry Weiss left as well, his place being taken by Lew Soloff. Dick Halligan took over the organ and Jerry Hyman was added on trombone.

Blood, Sweat & Tears (USA) / Blood, Sweat & Tears - Links & Info
« on: January 09, 2016, 09:18:11 AM »
Blood, Sweat & Tears was an American music group, formed in 1967 in New York City. It fused rock, blues, pop music, horn arrangements and jazz improvisation into a hybrid that came to be known as "jazz-rock".

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Earth and Fire (NL) / Earth & Fire - Biography
« on: January 08, 2016, 05:19:13 PM »
A short Bio on Earth & Fire, adapted from OOR's First Dutch Pop Encyclopedia.

The group Earth and Fire (originally Opus Gainfull) was founded in 1968 in the Hague by the Koerts twins, Chris (vocals, guitar; ex-Swinging Strings) and Gerard (guitar and keyboards, also ex-Swinging Strings); bassist Hans Ziech (ex-Soul), drummer Cees Kalis, and Lisette on vocals.

All of them had had prior experience in music. Lisette soon became ill and had to leave the band; she was replaced by Jerney Kaagman in 1969.  Kaagman had only sung in school bands prior to joining.  Kalis was also replaced - by Ton van der Kleij (drums, ex-Summer) - in the following year. 
It was this line up of the band that supported Golden Earring on their tour. (George Kooymans landed Golden Earring their first hit in January 1970 with "Seasons".)  With Chris Koerts as the principal songwriter, the band forged ahead with new original material. "Ruby is the one" and "Wild and exiting" became enormous hits in the group’s homeland.
Their newfound success instantly brought so many booking requests that the band decided to turn professional.  An unbreakable string of very successful hits followed with "Invitation" (71), "Storm and Thunder" (71), "Memories" (72), "Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tonight" (73), "Love of Life" (74), "Only Time Will Tell" (75), "Thanks For The Love" (75), "What Difference Does It Make" (76) and "7, 8th Avenue" (77), as the fans noticed the group's material deviating from the hard-edged progressive rock sound towards mainstream 70s pop.

The band’s early hit singles were distinguished by the heavy use of mellotron, and they are generally considered to be the best of the bunch in Holland, and abroad. With later LPs, Earth and Fire lost some of their charm, compared to the earlier days, by sounding increasingly more poppy, mainstream, and pretentious, thus gradually losing most of their popularity towards 1977. However, through the years, the band evolved, rather than lost its identity.

Loom (Germany) / Loom - 200 002 (EP)(2013)
« on: January 07, 2016, 07:04:09 PM »
Loom - 200 002 (EP)(2013)

Released: 16-07-2013


1-Rejuvenation   8:19
2-A Long Time Ago (Live 2012)   9:16
3-Jet    5:55
4-Streethawk (Live 2012)   8:40

Tracks 2 & 4 were performed live at the A38 in Budapest, Hungary in September 2012.


Johannes Schmoelling - Grand Piano, Keyboards, Programming
Jerome Froese - Guitars, Guitartronica, Programming
Robert Waters - Keys, Programming

Loom (Germany) / Loom - News
« on: January 07, 2016, 06:50:29 PM »
Loom, being Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters are currently working on a second Loom album.

On their website they unvealed a little secret about the forthcoming , being a collaboration with Irish singer and harpist Moya Brennan.

I´m very curious how this combination might sound. Looking forward to this future release.

Tangerine Dream (Germany) / Tangerine Dream - The Legacy
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:19:01 PM »
After Edgar Froese´s tragic death on January 30th 2015, the rest of TD´s members and management have been reconsidering TD´s future. Here some news which reached us early February 2015:

Some TD-news, published by TD´s administration office:

  • So far everything will go on concerning our Eastgate Shop and further Releases.
  • The band is carefully beginning to think about how and if it will go on.
  • The band will perform a tribute concert for Edgar, that's for sure. No further details so far.
  • Besides the band will compose a tribute album for Edgar.
  • Bianca, Edgar's wife, working together with Edgar closely on the Eastgate label for many years, will continue Edgar's legacy in dignity and in memory of Edgar's exceptional personality - she and the band will be soon developing some ideas for the future to let the Dream continue, at least a little Dream.....
  • The autobiography of TD/Edgar will also be continued by Bianca and she will add some more special chapters as well. This takes time and we like to ask you to give her this time. At any rate there will be a compact and fascinating book in about several months.
  • The new albums, Supernormal - The Australian Concerts 2014 and Booster VII will be in stock on 5.2.2015 and shipping can be started now. You will receive a wonderful XL-Booklet with the Supernormal album with beautiful pics from Edgar and the band in Australia - a great memory of the last tour of Tangerine Dream....

Some TD-news taken from the official website of Cherry Red Records:

Esoteric Recordings’ Reactive label is proud to announce the release of the first volume of an official bootleg series by the legendary Tangerine Dream. Formed in Berlin in September 1967 by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream are simply one of the most important groups to have emerged on the German music scene of the late 1960s / early 1970s. Always guided by the genius of Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream developed a sound based on the use of synthesisers and keyboards, first revealed on their marvellous "Alpha Centuari” album in 1971.

In Britain, John Peel soon began to promote the band on his influential radio show which ultimately led to Tangerine Dream becoming one of the first acts to sign to Richard Branson’s newly established Virgin label in 1973. Tangerine Dream’s music would influence a whole host of musicians who followed in their wake, such as Julian Cope.

Featuring recordings made at Reims Cathedral, France in December 1974 and at the Mozarthalle, Mannheim, West Germany in October 1976, this 4 CD set (with over four hours of music) has been compiled with the official approval of Tangerine Dream and features two concerts that were voted as some of the finest bootlegs in existence in a recent poll of fans.

The concert at Reims Cathedral has gone down in Tangerine Dream history as a legendary event. The music performed by Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann was exemplary, although the circumstances surrounding the staging of the concert led to a ban on further performances in Cathedrals by The Vatican. The concert at the Mozarthalle in Mannheim is another fine example of the excellence of this incarnation of Tangerine Dream on stage.

Tangerine Dream (Germany) / Tangerine Dream - Biography
« on: January 07, 2016, 03:33:44 PM »
TD´s Bio, written by Melo the Prog Goddess on the old bazaar, only containing the list of those musicians who were involved in the compositional process of a TD album at some point in time - even if their contribution was only one song or a part of a song.

The historical overview of Tangerine Dream:

When Edgar Froese founded Tangerine Dream, the group consisted of five musicians:

Kurt Herkenberg - bass guitar - he used to be an art student

Volker Hombach - violin, saxophone - he was a student at the film academy in Berlin

Lanse Hapshash - drums - he was a painter

Charly Prince - vocals - he was a writer

Edgar Froese - guitar, harmonica - he just finished studies at the Berlin academy for the arts

This group mainly played at student parties and was well known in the experimental art scene. They played many gigs in galeries, at openings and accompanied art happenings for various national and international artists e.g. Joseph Beuys, Bernhard Hoeke, John Cage, Salvador Dali and many more.

After the band broke up, Edgar played for approx. four months with 16 different musicians from around the world, such as Paul Wheeler, a drummer from Liverpool, Sven Ake Johnson, a very good jazz drummer from Sweden, Al Akhbar, a young drummer from Ghana, Steve Leuwen, a bass guitar player from Holland and Nick Turner, who later became the sax player for Hawkwind - to name but a few. At that time, Edgar scored his first feature film for the German director, Jurgen Polland: »Never shoot the Bathroom Man«, a strange black and white movie.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer (UK) / Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 03:22:42 PM »
Emerson, Lake & Palmer is a wellknown Symphonic Prog band from the UK, which has been active since the early 70´s.

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Earth and Fire (NL) / Earth and Fire - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 03:02:15 PM »
Earth and Fire is a dutch band which was popular during the seventies and the early eighties. The early work of the band can be called Progressive, with albums like Song of the Marching Children and Atlantis. The later albums contained more popular music, with every now and then a progressive track on it.

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Ekseption (NL) / Ekseption - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 02:55:25 PM »
Ekseption is always considered to be the first Dutch prog band. They started of in 1967, but they became popular in 1969, when they started to record modern reworks of classical music.
One of the first reworks was Beethoven's Fifth, which was followed by songs like Air, which was based on parts of Bachs Suite nr. 3.

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Eela Craig (Austria) / Eela Craig - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 02:49:17 PM »
Eela Craig is a Progressive Rockband from Austria, which has been active between 1971 and 1988.

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Eela Craig´s Website: ???

Eela Craig on Facebook:

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Eela Craig on German Rock:

Eela Craig (Austria) / Eela Craig - Biography
« on: January 07, 2016, 02:43:35 PM »
A short Bio on this Austrian band:

Eela Craig is the only Progressive Rockband from Austria I can think of. The key-member of this band is Hubert Bognermayr on keyboard & vocals. Together with Horst Weber on drums, Hans Zuschrader on organ, flute & sax, Gerhard English on Bass, Heinz Gerstenmair on guitar, organ & vocals and Will Orthofer on vocals & sax, Eela Craig released their first seftitled album in 1971. If you like early prog music, this album should be in your collection.

It's very hard to describe Eela Craig's style of music. It is pure symhponic rock, but it is hard to compare their style with other symphonic bands. Maybe you can hear a touch of bands like Camel and Pink Floyd.

It took 5 years before Eela Craig released their second album. In 1976 they released an album called One Niter. On this album Horst Weber, Heinz Gerstenmair and Will Orthofer were replaced by Frank Hueber on drums, Fritz Riedelberger on guitars, piano & vocals and Hubert Schnauer on keyboards & flute.

In 1978 it was a productive year for Eela Craig with the release of two albums. One called Hats of Glass and the other called Missa Universalis. Will Orthofer returned to handle the lead-vocals on both albums. There wer no further changes in the line-up. The opening track on Hats of Glass is a song called A Spaceman Came Travelling. Some people might know this song in another version and they are right. Words & Music of this song were written in 1976 by Chris de Burgh.

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