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Here some useful websites where you can listen to your favorite prog music for free:

10cc (UK) / 10cc - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 02:11:40 PM »
10cc is one of the greatest Art Rock bands the UK ever produced. Graham Gouldman is still on the road with the 10cc touring band.

More on 10cc can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

10cc´s Website:

10cc on Facebook:

10cc on Prog Archives:

10cc on ProgGnosis:

Here a list of International Prog Databases/Forums/Websites by country.
List to be edited and growing I hope.

Please post your links and I will add them to this list.

Location Unknown:

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock:
Power of Prog:


Jazz Music Archives -
Metal Music Archives -
Prog Archives -


German Rock -
Krautrock Musikzirkus -
Metal Archives -


Italian Prog -
Moventi Prog -


Dutch Progressive Rock Page -
Prog Wereld -


Melo's Prog Bazaar -
ProgGnosis -
Progressive World -

Faithfull Breath (Germany) / Faithfull Breath - Biography
« on: January 07, 2016, 12:51:29 PM »
A full Biography on Faithfull Breath (in German) can be found at:

Here a few words I wrote on Faithfull Breath on the old forum:

Faithful Breath was one of Germany's oldest rock/metal bands, formed back in the late 60's by the duo of Heinz Mikus and Horst Stabenow. It wasn't until
1974 that they released their first album, the now-coveted Fading Beauty, an ambitious project that owes much to progressive rock and apparently bears
little resemblance to their later metallic years.

By the early 80's they began to pick up steam, adopting a Viking image (first seen on their humorous Rock Lions album cover) and a more hard rock stance. 1984's Gold 'n' Glory is their most well-known album, featuring a solid Accept-styled Germanic anthemic metal sound.

They continued on until 1987, at which time they decided a change was necessary, becoming Risk. As Risk they continued for several years, finally calling it quits in the mid-nineties.

I still have two of their LP´s in my collection, among which the 1980 "Back on My Hill" album.

Faithfull Breath (Germany) / Faithfull Breath - Links & Info
« on: January 07, 2016, 12:47:57 PM »
Faithful Breath was one of Germany's oldest rock/metal bands, formed back in the late 60's by the duo of Heinz Mikus and Horst Stabenow.

More on Faithful Breath can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Faithfull Breath´s Website: ???

Faithfull Breath on Krautrock-Musikzirkus:

Faithfull Breath on Metal Archives:

Faithfull Breath on Prog Archives:

Faithfull Breath on ProgGnosis:

Faithfull Breath on Wikipedia:

Luna Rossa (UK) / Luna Rossa - Secrets & Lies (2014)
« on: January 06, 2016, 08:47:35 PM »
On 24 November 2014, Luna Rossa released their 2nd album called Secrets & Lies.

Luna Rossa is an acoustic project from Panic Room members Anne-Marie Helder and Jonathan Edwards and the music they make is prog with some nice Celtic & Folk influences.

The line-up for this album is as follows:

Anne-Marie Helder (Panic Room)
Jonathan Edwards (Panic Room)


Andy 'Wal' Coughlan: double bass
Sarah Dean: Celtic harp
Tim Hamill: lead / slide guitar
Artem Kotov: violin
Rebecca Brown: violin
Ronan Mac Manus: viola
Leah Evans: cello


1. Aurora
2. Secrets & Lies
3. Disappointment
4. The Black Dog
5. Flowers In My Hair
6. Happy Little Song
7. Tiny Demons (Todd Rundgren)
8. Fly Away
9. I've Been Wrong Before (Randy Newman)
10.The Harmony
11. No Chords Left

Check Luna Rossa´s website for some soundsamples of this forthcoming release:

Baffo Banfi (I) / Baffo Banfi - returns
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:30:35 PM »
After almost 35 years of absence Baffo Banfi, a founding member of the progressive rock group "Un Biglietto per l'Inferno", returns to the music scene.


FrontEra is the new project of Banfi/Cantaluppi, and the first album of Baffo Banfi after almost 35 years of absence from the scene. Baffo Banfi was a founding member of the progressive rock group "Un Biglietto per l'Inferno", which split up after only two albums.
Meanwhile Banfi published a first 33 rpm entitled "Galaxy My Dear", of a more electronic and 'kraut' kind, and came into contact with the legendary Klaus Schulze, founder of Tangerine Dream, as well as pioneer modern electronic music.
Through his label "Innovative Communication", Schulze produced two of their albums, "Ma, Dolce Vita" (1979) and "Hearth" (1981). After a spell as a sound engineer in the recording studio "La Basilica" (Milano), owned by Mina, Baffo disappeared from the music scenes to devote himself to the world of video production and post-production.

In 2010 he met with producer Matteo Cantaluppi, multi-instrumentalist and a great connoisseur of the European electronic scene of the 70s. In Milan, Cantaluppi opened the recording studio Mono Studio from the ashes of the video production studio of Banfi.
From there, a relationship of mutual respect was born, which will result in the album "FrontEra". "FrontEra", totally realized in Italy after several years of production, is composed of six long and mainly electronic instrumental tracks.
The taste for the melody of Baffo, combined with the productions of Cantaluppi and the presence of strings and wind instruments, provide an imaginary that is Mediterranean at times and sometimes 'lunar'.

Check for more.

Baffo Banfi (I) / Baffo Banfi - Links & Info
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:28:43 PM »
Baffo Banfi is a keyboardplayer from Italy, who was part of "Un Biglietto per l'Inferno".

More on Baffo Banfi can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Baffo Baffi´s website: ???

Baffo Banfi on Italian Prog:

Baffo Banfi on Prog Archives:

Baffo Banfi on ProgGnosis:

Baffo Banfi (I) / Baffo Banfi - Biography
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:23:10 PM »
Giuseppe Banfi, former keyboardist of Un Biglietto per l'Inferno started a solo career with an album in 1978, though it had been recorded a year before and released just when he was in the army by the small jazz-oriented Red Record label.
Inspired by the german electronic music of the 70's, Banfi attracted the interest of Tangerine Dream's Klaus Schulze, whom he had first met when on tour in the latest days of Biglietto in 1975. Schulze had already been approached to be the producer of the band's second album, but was never released at the time.

"Galaxy my dear" was entirely played by Banfi and shows strong comparisons with the german cosmic music, including five long tracks, one of which, Goodbye my little star, is 18 minutes long.

Second album "Ma dolce vita" was recorded for Schulze's label, Innovative Communication, and released in Germany, again including all instrumental electronic tracks, while a third work, "Hearth" from 1981, was the only one to feature a rhythm section of guest musicians.

Following the release of this album Banfi quit the music, creating a video production studio in Milan called La Vetraia, and he's strongly involved in the recent Biglietto per l'Inferno celebrative releases.

In 1988 Innovative Communication released a compilation album called "The Sound Of Sourthern Sunsets", containing tracks from "Ma dolce vita" and "Hearth"

For more info take a look at:

Greets from Obiwan

Bruford (UK) / Bruford - Biography
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:15:27 PM »
Bruford was a band formed around drummer Bill Bruford. Together with key members Jeff Berlin on Bass & Vocals, Allan Holdsworth (later replaced by John Clark) on Guitar & Dave Stewart on Keyboards, the band recorded their first album with the title "Feels Good to Me" in 1977.

In 1978 they recorded the album "One of a Kind", which to my opinion is their essential album and which is often seen a masterpiece of progressive music.
This albums features songs like Hell's Bells, One of a Kind and of course Sahara of Snow.

In 1979 they recorded an album called the "Bruford Tapes". On this album Allan Holdsworth was replaced by John Clark.

In 1980 this line-up recorded and released Gradually Going Tornado.

Bruford is sometimes seen as one of drummer Bill Bruford's pre-Earthworks groups.
Alltough the albums are often listed under Bill Bruford, Bruford was the actual groupname.

I still have all four albums standing in my attick on good old vinyl. I hope to lay my hand on a CD-version of One of a Kind someday, because that's my absolute favourite.

Brand X (UK) / Brand X - Biography
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:05:55 PM »
A short bio on Brand X by Melo the Prog Goddess taken from the old forum:

Brand X was one of the most commercially successful of the UK jazz rock groups of the late 70s and early 80s. Moroccan Roll reached number 37 in the UK album chart in May 1977 while Is There Anything About crept in at number 93 in September 1982. The original line-up of the band comprised John Goodsall (guitar), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Percy Jones (bass, ex-Liverpool Scene) and Phil Collins (b. 30 January 1951, Chiswick, London, England; drums), with Presto Heyman (percussion) helping out on their very first recordings made prior to the release of 1976's Unorthodox Behaviour.
This was the band that Collins considered second only to Weather Report. There were similarities, especially in that each group of musicians had great technical ability and a desire to play popular music, but Brand X's individuality shone through in their compositions. They produced sharp arrangements of appealing melodies, often with a gangling counterpoint provided by Jones' slurred fretless bass lines. Collins and percussionist Pert (added to the line-up on Moroccan Roll) could contribute anything from the lightest colouring to a furiously propulsive rhythm and both Goodsall and Lumley were exciting soloists.

All the musicians were also busy with studio work and Collins had been expanding his role with Genesis after Peter Gabriel's departure.

He had also released a solo album and, as his second career as a solo artist took off, he was frequently absent from Brand X with Kenwood Dennard, Chuck Burgi (on Masques) and then Michael Clarke standing in for him. Peter Robinson replaced Lumley from Masques onwards. A little later, Percy Jones left and was replaced by John Giblin, and the original incarnation of the band ground to a halt in 1981.

Goodsall and Jones reunited in 1992 to record a new Brand X album with drummer Frank Katz. A second new recording, Manifest Destiny, introduced additional member Mark Wagnon (vibes).

Brand X (UK) / Brand X - Links & Info
« on: January 06, 2016, 05:54:33 PM »
Brand X was a UK jazz fusion band, which was active between 1975–1980 and 1992–1999.

More on Brand X can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Brand X´s Website: ???

Brand X on Eden Songs:

Brand X on Prog Archives:

Brand X on ProgGnosis:

Brand X on Webring:;id=89;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Epyoing%2Enet%2Fbrandx%2F

Brand X on Wikipedia:

Brand X on Facebook:

Brand X on Twitter:

Brainbox (NL) / Brainbox - Links & Info
« on: January 06, 2016, 05:44:56 PM »
Brainbox is/was a Dutch progressive blues band from the late 1960s/early 1970s.

More on Brainbox can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Brainbox´s website: ???

Brainbox on Dutch Muziekencyclopedie:

Brainbox on Dutch Wikipedia:

Brainbox on English Wikipedia:

Brainbox on Metal Music Archives:

Brainbox on Prog Archives:

Brainbox on ProgGnosis:

Pendragon (UK) / Pendragon - Short Story 1977 - 2002
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:36:33 PM »
The Pendragon story

The Pendragon story all started around 1977 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, not far from London. The career of this English quartet can not be summed with just a few words:

For the last 25 years, without any massive financial support, without any well known manager and with very little coverage from the media but thanks to their perseverance, sheer stubbornness and their loyal and faithful public, not forgetting the excellent press reviews from all around the world (1), Pendragon are still there, following their own independant road to fame, recording albums of an excellent quality (2), which attract new fans all the time (3) and filling concert halls such as Hammersmith Apollo in England, Bataclan/Transbordeur in France, Vredenburg Muziekcentrum in Holland, etc.

To this day Pendragon have sold over 250000 albums worldwide, their previous studio album The Masquerade Overture reached the 60000 mark.

Following the example of their music, songwriting and album covers, Pendragon seems to have become timeless. And when you hear their songs is just like listening told a story that captivates every listener's imagination.

1983: following their appearance at the Reading Festival (30.000 people) Pendragon were invited by Tommy Vance to record a session for his evening show the Friday Rock Show on the BBC and thanks to him they got national recognition.

1984: Fly High Fall Far their first mini album was released on the Elusive records label founded by John Arnison who was at the time Marillion's manager. Distribution was done by E.M.I. and Charisma (Genesis, etc.).

1985: first concert outside England was in Holland, they opened for Marillion at the Vredenburg Muziekcentrum in Utrecht.

1988: Toff Records was founded and became their very own record company.

1991: release of The World their 3rd studio album. This was their first recognisable album, the one which revealed the Pendragon sound to everyone - a sound recognizable all around the world, the one with its ever rock style which calls all your senses with its melodies. It is emotional, catchy, and timeless. A large number of new listeners are seduced by the poetical and textual refinement of their songs.

1993: an album recorded live in France The Very Very Bootleg (Live in Lille) which became the first Mob CD to be given away to all members of their fan clubs.

1995: Utrecht... the Final Frontier: 10 years after, Pendragon are the headliners at the Vredenburg Muziekcentrum. Also, their first concert on the North American soil in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

1997 Live... at Last!: first live video, a secret gig of the "Masquerade Overture Tour" recorded during their apperance in 1996 in Kraków by Polish TV.

1998: first gigs in South Amercian soil (in Brasil, Chile and Argentina).

2000: Pendragon appear for the first time on French TV: RFM TV broadcasted a couple of times their "Live... At Last!" show in Poland.

2001: Not of this World, their 6th brand new studio album. 5 years after their previous european tour, Pendragon are back on the road. The band played again in famous venues such as "Bikini" in Spain, "Bataclan" and "Transbordeur" in France, "Hafenbahn" in Germany, "Proxima" and "Miasto" in Poland, "013" in Holland, the "Mean Filder" (formerly A2) in UK, etc. with always this particuliar warm and enthusiast welcome from the audience.

2002: Pendragon was the headline of the Baja Festival in Mexico (March). May saw the releases of Acoustically Challenged (recorded live by Radio 3 ? Poland during the "Not Of This World" tour) and of their video "Live... At Last And More..." on DVD (including bonus tracks). Both were promoted at that period with a summer foretaste mini-tour in Europe.

Pendragon (UK) / Pendragon - Links & Info
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:35:06 PM »
Pendragon is a neo progressive rock band from the UK, which has been active from 1977 - present.

More on Pendragon can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Pendragon´s Website:

Pendragon on Facebook:

Pendragon on MySpace:

Pendragon on Prog Archives:

Pendragon on ProgGnosis:

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