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Kaipa (Sweden) / Re: Kaipa - Biography
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 05:32:27 PM »
nxious to record their efforts and obtain wider recognition, the band decided to contact record companies. To that end, they sent a demo tape to the MNW and Silence labels, which reacted negatively, and then to their old friend Leif Mases, who now worked at Marcus Music Studios. Leif played the tape to Markus Österdahl, the studio's owner. He liked it very much and immediately offered the group the chance to record a professional demo on to 24 tracks. The numbers "På Färd" (On Journey), "Karavan" (Caravan), "Från det ena till det andra" (From One Thing to Another) and "Skogspromenad" (A Walk in the Woods) were recorded on 3, 5, and 6 February 1975, and the last track was later included on the band's debut album.

Marcus Österdahl knew Carl-Eric Hjelm from the Electra label, a Swedish company who distributed Decca, RCA and Philips nationally, and played him the tape. Charmed by the music, Hjelm told the band to record him an album, preferring to await the results before signing them officially. Eventually, Decca would sign Kaipa and issue their debut album.

The recording session was completed in nine days between 4 and 26 July 1975 at Marcus Music Studios in Stockholm, with Marcus himself acting as engineer. The group selected eleven favourites from around twenty compositions. Only the recent, more sophisticated and symphonic songs were retained, as they were considered to be more representative of the group's development. Lack of space unfortunately led to three tracks being omitted from the final track listing. Ingemar, Roine and Tomas didn't want to include the song "Skogspromenad" on the album, because they thought it was too simple and not representative of the band. Marcus considered this to be one of their best songs, and in the end it was included on the album. This proved to be good, as live and on radio this one was going to be the band's most requested song for a long time. Hans used a large array of keyboards, playing Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, string ensemble and harpsichord as well as singing lead. The band produced the album themselves and without much studio experience. They were sometimes unable to reproduce perfectly their own characteristic sound, particularly in the more experimental sequences that sounded inferior to stage renditions.

Nevertheless, Kaipa's originality comes well to the fore on the album and on the whole the group was satisfied with the final result. A painting by Roine, depicting "an astral traveller floating freely above temples in the jungle", was chosen as the sleeve artwork for the eponymous album.

Kaipa performed subsequently at different open-air festivals in the summer of 1975 and embarked on a short tour in the autumn which included more radio broadcasts.

The album was released in December 1975 to an enthusiastic public and critical response. Sales quickly reached 5,000 units, eventually reaching 10,000, a definite success for a self-produced prog rock album, especially as distribution was limited to Scandinavia. Kaipa struck a chord with a great number of Swedish rock fans by their favouring musical exploration and melodic charm, not to mention their coupling the splendour of traditional religious and folk themes with the power of rock. Kaipa's success was built on the finesse of the band's music, and enhanced by poetry celebrating the power of love and the beauty of nature. This contrasted strongly with the political preoccupations inherent in the lyrics of most Swedish bands of Kaipa's generation.
Kaipa (Sweden) / Kaipa - Biography
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 05:31:43 PM »
A biography by Jethro Fish, taken from the old forum:

Kaipa was formed in 1974 by Hans Lundin (keyboards & vocals), Tomas Eriksson (bass), Ingemar Bergman (Drums) and Roine Stolt (guitars).
The music and lyrics were essentially the responsibility of Hans Lundin, who also doubled lead vocals, with Tomas and Ingemar singing backing vocals. The group systematically recorded their daily rehearsals onto a four-track tape recorder. In spite of his major role as composer and lyricist, Hans didn't act as Kaipa's front man. The group always acted as a collective, with considerable freedom allotted to each member.

Kaipa's early songs were based on a non-traditional song structure: after an intro of folk or classical flavour, the song generally developed a jazzier orientation, before ending with a solemn symphonic conclusion, restoring the classical element.

The group's first live appearance was as a trio. It occurred at an open-air festival in Norrtälje in June 1974. In August the trio formally asked Roine to join as full-time member. They were now certain of his ability to develop a personal style to suit the group's evolution. The new line-up debuted in an open-air festival at "Gärdet" in Stockholm that same month.

The group performed well and received a rapturous audience response. The band eschewed stage histrionics, preferring to rely on the quality of their music. They sometimes included circus music and humorous rock'n'roll pastiches in their repertoire and were also fond of lengthy improvisations

On 21 October 1974 Kaipa performed its first radio broadcast, playing live in Christer Eklund's famous "Tonkraft" programme on Swedish national radio, a show devoted entirely to the national and international progressive rock scene. On the same broadcast one could listen to other Swedish bands alongside international headliners like DEEP PURPLE and JETHRO TULL. Under these stressful circumstances, the band's showing was somewhat nervous and lacklustre, but this first broadcast proved a great opportunity to emerge from their relative isolation and get some national recognition.

Kaipa kept rehearsing busily to improve their cohesion and instrumental technique. Roine Stolt started contributing tunes and the entire group polished up some lengthy pieces of ten-minutes-plus duration.

Article No. eastgate 012 DVD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 1 DVD (Double Layer) PAL
Status: Live Performance 2010
Audio: 5.1 Surround
Playing Time: ca. 3:15 h

25th March, 2010, 9:30 pm. TD entered the stage of the beautiful big Coliseum theatre in the middle of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. After a very strange live cello quartet performance followed by a suddenly ’wiped out’ opening with Linda playing an outstanding grand piano solo, you´ll hear what TD stands for after more than four decades: the style, the sound, the compositions. Here – once more – you can witness why this band is original and incomparable – just ´in it´ for the art of timeless music. Set yourself free from your daily routines and join for more than a three hours’ travel to your landscapes of imagination. By the way, those who joined the Zeitgeist Concert in the London Royal Albert Hall in April 2010 will be happy to get at least a video from the Lisbon show as it was nearly the same show except from three tracks which were only performed in Lisbon (Therefore the band had to miss out the second Encore which you had in London...). So enjoy this unusual sonic and visual testimony of time!


01. Cello Opening
02. Broken Feather*
03. Rubycon 2010
04. Phaedra 2005
05. Stratosfear '95
06. Kiev Mission 2009
07. Song Of The Whale 2010
08. No Man's Land 2008
09. Poland 2009
10. Dream Puzzle
11. Ayumi's Loom
12. Cloudburst Flight 2008
13. Order Of The Ginger Guild
14. Warsaw In The Sun 2007
15. Cinnamon Road 2008
16. Death Of A Nightingale
17. Alchemy Of The Heart
18. Astrophel + Stella (String Version)
19. Oracular World
20. Gymnopédies
21. Mombasa
22. The Halloween Cast
23. Exit 2009
24. Carmel Calif
25. Daughters Of Time
26. Two Drunken Angels On Trafalgar Square
27. Boat To China
28. Bells Of Accra
29. Transition
30. Trauma

31. Jungle Voice**
32. Logos Part I 2008
33. One Night In Space


Tangerine Dream (Germany) / Tangerine Dream - Zeitgeist Concert (3CD-Set)(2010)
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 05:07:13 PM »

Article No. eastgate 045 CD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 3 CDs
Status: LIVE Album 2010



01. Cello Opening
02. Piano Improvisation + The Whip
03. Rubycon 2010
04. Phaedra 2005
05. Stratosfear '95
06. Kiev Mission 2009 
07. Song Of The Whale
08. No Man's Land (Hyperborea 2008)
09. Poland
10. Dream Puzzle (Tangram 2008)
11. Ayumi's Loom
12. Cloudburst Flight 2008
13. Order Of The Ginger Guild
14. Warsaw In The Sun
15. Cinnamon Road (Hyperborea 2008)
15. Death Of A Nightingale


01. Alchemy Of The Heart
02. Astrophel + Stella (String Version)
03. Oracular World
04. Gymnopédies
05. Mombasa
06. The Halloween Cast (Rolling The World's Pumpkin
Part I) 
07. Carmel Calif
08. Boat To China
09. Bells Of Accra
10. Transition
11. Trauma


01. Iris' Vocal Solo
02. Logos Part I
03. One Night In Space
04. Hamlet
05. Long Island Sunset
06. Norwegian Wood
07. Closing Words

The ZEITGEIST CONCERT is a live recording of the already legendary Royal Albert Hall concert on April 1st 2010 in London. This performance starts with a theatrical mysterious cello opening, leads into a beautiful piano improvisation by Linda Spa – getting brutally interrupted by Edgar Froese’s beating with a whip on the grand piano strings – symbolizing that all beautiful things won’t last forever…… and then suddenly the new sound arrangement of Rubycon 2010 taking the audience’s breath away: what a great opening!

In April 1975 Tangerine Dream played the Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time. So it was the 35th Anniversary in April 2010. In April 1970 TD released their first long-play album ever. This made a 40th Anniversary in April 2010. So TD indeed had to celebrate something which they took account of by performing a chain of very popular 33 tracks (see tracklist above) – a choice which wasn’t easy at all considering a portfolio of more than 1000 compositions over the decades….

The atmosphere in the Royal Albert Hall was very different to other places – cool and intimate at the same time - it felt as if the place was absolutely worthy to pay tribute to the band’s enormous lifework.

The 3 CD cleartray set comes with a 16-pages booklet picturing at least a part of the tunes you will be enjoying – a more than 3 hours trip through your brain!:-)

Tangerine Dream - “The London Eye & The Los Angeles Concert (2008)(2DVD)

Article No. eastgate 009 DVD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 2 DVD SET (Disc 1 Double Layer) PAL
Status: Live Performance 2008
Audio: 5.1 Surround
Playing Time: Disc 1 ca. 3:00 h, Disc 2 ca. 2:00 h

Two weekends early November 2008 – 1st weekend, a night in the freezing cold and rainy city of London and a week later the 2nd night out in sunny Southern California – the weather contrast could not have been more different but what about the two shows? We, the people from Eastgate, just announce this 2DVD set – you - as part of the TD friend or fan community - should find out which one you can relate to or feel more sympathies with. For the band it was a short adventure trip – please find out about the two shows in a filmed document coming in one packing ready to be shipped in a week from now – on August 28th.

PS: “The London Eye Concert” is the full concert version, but as we had restricted filming conditions in L.A. “The Los Angeles Concert” is a shortened version limited to (still) two hours. Enjoy! PS: The first 100 buyers will receive a special postcard!!:-)
Track Listing:

01. Trauma
02. Serpent Magique
03. Terra Coda
04. No Man's Land
05. Sally's Garden
06. Hyperborea 2008
07. Sphinx Lightning Part 1
08. Carmel California
09. Leviathan
10. Wisdom And Tragedy
11. Blue Bridge
12. Fire On The Mountain
13. Leaving The Masters For Good
14. Cinnamon Road
15. Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit
16. The Last Soldier
17. Wu-Wei
18. Sphinx Lightning Part 2
19. Going West
20. Point Of No Return
21. Loved By The Sun
22. Love On A Real Train 2008
23. Streethawk
24. Sadness Of Echnaton Losing The World Child
25. One Night In Space
26. Tomorrow Never Knows
27. Cloudburst Flight 2008
+ BONUS Track


01. Trauma
02. No Man's Land
03. Sally's Garden
04. Hyperborea 2008
05. Sphinx Lightning Part 1
06. Carmel California
07. Leviathan
08. Blue Bridge
09. Fire On The Mountain
10. Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit
11. Scrapyard 2008
12. Libération
13. Going West
14. Loved By The Sun
15. Love On A Real Train
16. One Night In Space
17. Beach Theme
18. Cloudburst Flight 2008

Tangerine Dream (Germany) / Tangerine Dream - Out of this world (2015)
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 05:03:06 PM »
Out of this world is the first album compiled by Bianca Froese-Acquaye (Edgar Froese's wife) after the passing of her husband on 20th January 2015. Edgar's music means the world to her - and especially the tracks of this collection. OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of her ways to honour her husband for his huge life work. She added a very personal 12-page booklet to it and ONE so far unreleased track by Edgar: GANYMEDE'S KISS. Of course this small collection can only reflect a tiny part of Edgar's musical legacy, but it definitely spreads a special, sublime atmosphere - in memory of Edgar Froese and his impressive works.

01.Passing All Signs
02.Red Blood Connection
03.Vision Of The Blue Birds
05.Oracular World
06.Fay Bewitching The Moon
07.Ganymede's Kiss NEW !!!
08.La Vision
09.The Bleeding Angel
10.Huckebee's Dream

Renaissance (UK) / Links & Info
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 04:59:42 PM »
Renaissance is a progressive rock band from the UK, which has been active from 1969 - present.

More on Renaissance can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Renaissance official website :

Renaissance on Facebook:

Renaissance on Twitter:

Renaissance on YouTube:

Renaissance on Proggnosis:

Machiavel (Belgium) / Links & Info
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 04:43:20 PM »
Machiavel is a progressive rock band from the UK, which has been active from 1974 - present.

More on Machiavel can be found in the other topics from this board and on the following website(s):

Machiavel's website:

Machiavel on Belgian Metal History:
Tangerine Dream (Germany) / Tangerine Dream - The Sessions IV (2018)
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on January 23, 2019, 03:27:59 PM »
Another new TD release in the Sessions series:

The Sessions IV EP contains instant live compositions (about 65 min of music) from the current TD line-up Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane.
The first track Persepsjonstransformasjon was recorded from the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway.
It was Tangerine Dream's first show ever in Norway and they were welcomed like good old friends. The crowd was very much on fire and inspired the band for a wonderful piece of music.

The second track Four Degrees Paralaxx was recorded during their performance at the Internet Festival in Pisa, Italy. TD performed at the famous Teatro Verdi - very close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa - and mesmerized an especially very young audience.

Two 4 minute excerpts of both tracks can be heard on TD's SoundCloud page.

Fish (UK) / Fish - A Parley With Angels (2018 - EP)
« Last post by ObiwanKenomi on September 22, 2018, 08:11:15 AM »
Quote from

The new EP from Fish, ‘A Parley With Angels’ features new tracks – ‘Man With A Stick’, ‘Waverley Steps’ and ‘Little Man What Now?’, all of which will also appear on FISH’s final studio album, Weltschmerz. Also included are four tracks recorded live at London’s Islington Assembly Hall last year: ‘Emperor’s Song’, ‘State Of Mind’, ‘Circle Line’ and ‘Voyeur’.

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