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Neuschwanstein is a German Band, which was active in the late seventies. The band was named after the famous German castle Neuschwanstein, which is situated somewhere in the Bavarian Alps.

Their first and last release was an album called Battlement, which is a must for every proglover, who is interested in Genesis type prog. The vocals have a remarking resemblance with Peter Gabriels Genesis stuff.

At first the album was a real mystery. The first release had a cover, with absolutly no info on the band.
We had to guess where the band came from, because alltough it appeared to be a German band, there was no German accent in the vocals, like you can hear in the vocals off Frank Borneman, Eloy's singer.

The original album contains 6 tracks and there was a seventh track added on the re-release on CD:

1. Loafer Jack (4:42)
2. Ice with Dwale (6:21)
3. Intruders and the Punishment (7:34)
4. Beyond the Bugle (7:31)
5. Battlement (7:05)
6. Midsummer day (7:42)
7. Zärtlicher Abschied (5:42)

If you listen to the music on this album, you can clearly hear that the band was influenced by Genesis, Camel and you can hear some touches of Eloy.

Years later we finally discovered more info on the band through the internet. It seems the toured in Germany as a support-act to Novalis, another German Prog Band.

Finally we found a line-up:

Frederic Joos playing guitar
Uli Limpert playing bass
Klaus Mayer playing flute & synthesizers
Thomas Neuroth playing keyboards
Hans-Peter Schwarz playing drums
Roger Weiler playing guitar
Reiner Zimmer playing bass & doing the vocals

In 2008 a second Neuschwanstein album surfaced. It appeared that a few years before Neuschwanstein conceived their masterpiece "Battlement", the band had written & recorded  some more music,  which was later released more then 30 years later by the title of Alice in Wonderland.


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