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Nick Magnus - N’monix (2014)


The latest Nick Magnus album called N’monix was released on April 28th 2014. Nick Magnus is known for his work with The Enid and Steve Hackett and he allready recorded some beautiful solo albums like the 2004 Hexameron and Children Of Another God from 2010.

On his new album Nick is accompanied by Steve Hackett and Pete Hicks, which whom he played on in the early 80´s. One of the tracks called Eminent Victorians is now available through

Also see'monix.htm

Some details on this Nick Magnus release:

Time (6:23)
Memory (5:24)
Kombat Kid (6:28)
Headcase (3:49)
Eminent Victorians (7:01)
Broken (8:05)
Shadowland (2:51)
Entropy (6:46)


Nick Magnus - keyboards, percussion, vocals on 4, voice of Richard of York (aged 6) on 3

Joined by:

Tony Patterson - vocals on 1, 3
Tim Bowness - vocals on 7
Kate Faber - soprano voice on 2
Pete Hicks - vocals on 5
James Reeves - vocals on 8
Steve Hackett - guitar on 5, 6, 7
Andy Neve - backing vocals on 5, 8
Rob Townsend - soprano saxophone and flute on 7


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