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Jerome Froese - Shiver Me Timbers (2007)


Jerome Froese's second solo album called "Shiver me timbers" was released at the end of April, 2007. The album contains 10 titles with a total lenght of 64 minutes and 17 seconds. Cover artwork by Monique Froese.


01. Economical with the truth - 06mn 55s
02. A mellow morning - 06mn 36s
03. Mrs. Misty Kiss - 06mn 33s
04. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously - 05mn 51s
05. Daisy's Drug - 08mn 10s
06. Ye gods and little fishes - 04mn 19s
07. Haunting your home and neighborhood - 09mn 32s
08. Through love and deed - 06mn 0s
09. Playing for penalties - 05mn 20s
10. Strictly from nowhere - 04mn 40s

Like on "Neptunes" everything you hear is mainly based on guitars but in some places it sounds quite different to its predecessor. You'll find spheric guitar walls and arppegios as well as distorted and disturbing moments. "Shiver me timbers"  opens another chapter which is definitely linked to Jerome's handwriting.


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