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Zenit - Biography
« on: October 27, 2015, 12:07:52 AM »
Zenit was founded in 1998 by bass player Andy Thommen, keyboarder Ivo Bernasconi and drummer Gigio Pedruzzi after their well-known experiences with bands like Clepsydra, Changes and Brainstorm. In 2001 with the addition of singer Lorenzo Sonognini, Zenit release their debut album "Pravritti“ with words in Italian as well as in English, followed by inspiring live performances in relevant prog festivals. In 2006, with the addition of Luigi Biamino on guitars, the band releases the second album "Surrender“. On January 28, 2013 the band released the third album "The Chandrasekhar Limit“ (Galileo Records / Gonzo Media Group) with the new drummer Gabriele Schira.
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Re: Zenit - Biography
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The first brick of Zenit is layed in 1995 when Ivo and Gigio were asked by Clepsydra to replace Pietro and Phil for a small tour. There's an immediate harmony between Gigio, Ivo and Andy. At the end of that tour the three part with a promise: do some music project together some day.

Early 1998 Andy, Gigio and Ivo meet again and start playing together as a trio. Soon they start reviewing Ivo's  collection of tapes filled with two decades of ideas and demos. The step to hire a guitar player and a singer got immediate urgency.

With one phone call Ivo pulled 1999 Frank into the adventure since he knew fifty percent of the selected material as he played with Ivo in former local line ups abou a decade earlier.

The singer selection was a bit harder. At last Lorenzo immediately impressed the founder trio with his singing skills and musical experience.

The work for the album starts immediately. Without time pressure or any schedule the tracks are selected and arranged during the following 15 months. At that time the chosen band name was Zenith (with the "h" at the end) wich was the name of one of the very fist bands of Ivo.

The band name change to Zenit was decided because a Duch band announced being recording their first album under the name "Zenith".

The demo recordings give the five enought confidence to book the recording studio for summer/fall 2000. The album is recorded and mixed in two weeks time at Poyel Studios in Lugano (Switzerland) and mastered in November at Powerplay Studios.

Raffaello Ossola takes care of the cover and artwork while the band is taking a little rest with the families over christmas time. In Juanuary 2001 the album goes into production and is scheduled to be released February 26.

Frank leaves the band in late 2002 and Luigi Biamino joins the band and starts immediately to catch up the work for the second album.

After a succsessful appearance at the ProgSol 2003 festival, the band starts the final recordings for the second album "Surender".
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