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Ash Ra Tempel: Seven Up (1973)


Ash Ra Tempel: Seven Up (1973)

Fourth release by this famous German "Kraut Rock" band.

Recorded: August 1972, Berne/Switzerland


1.Space   15:55     
2.Time   21:37   

Performed by:

Timothy Leary, Brian Barritt, Liz Elliot, Bettina Hohls (voices)
Michael Duwe (voice, flute)
Portia Nkomo (voice dubbed during the mix)
Manuel Göttsching (guitar, electronics)
Hartmut Enke (bass, guitar, electronics)
Steve Schroeder (organ, electronics)
Dietmar Burmeister (drums)
Tommy Engel (drums dubbed during the mix)
Klaus D. Mueller (tambourine)
Dieter Dierks (synthesizer dubbed during the mix)

Greetings from Obiwan


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