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Steve Rothery Band (SRB) - Live in Rome
« on: October 30, 2015, 05:50:59 AM »
A while ago a friend of mine lended me his copy of the Steve Rothery Band Live in Rome 2CD/DVD-set.

Live in Rome features SRB during their second gig ever. Their first appearences was the Plovdiv gig from 2013, which is also available on CD/DVD.

Live in Rome is devided in three sets, with the first one being "The Ghosts Of Pripyat"-set, featuring six of the seven tracks from Steve´s solo album "The Ghosts Of Pripyat" runs for a little more than an hour. All the tracks are real nice instrumentals, with Steve Rothery in great shape. Luckely the music style is different from Steve´s Marillion works, but the guitar sound is very recognizable.

Steve is accompanied by some great musicians, being:

Riccardo Romano -keyboards
Dave Foster -guitar
Yatim Halimi -bass
Leon Parr - drums

The setlist contains:

1.Morpheus - 10:04
2.Kendris - 08:02
3.The Old Man Of The Sea - 12:14
4.White Pass - 11:40
5.Yesterdays's Hero - 11:03
6.Summer's End - 11:15

The only song missing from Steve´s album "The Ghosts Of Pripyat" is the title track itself.

The second set is a short set of Marillion songs played by the Steve Rothery Band, with the addition of Manuela Milanese (vocals on Waiting To Happen & Sugar Mice) and
Allessandro Carmassi  (vocals on Afraid Of Sunlight, Easter). This set runs for around 21 minutes on the DVD and 27 minutes on the CD.

Manuela Milanese is new to me, but she has a real nice voice (with a slight Italian accent), which fits in perfectly in Waiting To Happen & Sugar Mice.

Alessandro Carmassi is the vocalist of a Marillion tribute band called Neverland, so he´s is used to sing the Marillion. He does a real good job on Afraid Of Sunlight and Easter.

The tracklist of this set is as follows:

1.Waiting To Happen - 06:20
2.Afraid Of Sunlight - 07:12
3.Easter - 07:21
4.Sugar Mice - 06:06 (CD-only)

The third and last set consists of three songs played by the Italian prog band RanestRane, with the addition of Steve Rothery on guitar. Riccardo Romano, who is playing keyboards with the Steve Rothery Band, is the keyboardplayer of RanestRane, so that explains the contribution of this Italian band.
This set consists of Marillion´s "Cinderella Search" and two songs from RanestRane. This set runs for approx. 18 minutes.

The tracklist of this set is as follows:

1.Cinderella Search - 06:40
2.Materna Luna - 07:46
3.Monolith pt. 2 - 03:47

Overal this is a real nice release. At some points the camerawork looks a bit amateurish and unfortunately there is no 5.1 surroundmix.

But I must say, I really like this one.


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