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The Wishing Tree is a solo project by Marillion´s guitar player Steve Rothery. The Wishing Tree features Steve Rothery on guitar and Hannah Stobart on vocals, accompanied by Paul Craddick (Enchant) on drums and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) on bass.

Their first release was the 1996 release called "Carnival Of Souls",  featuring 10 beautiful songs:

1. Evergreen
2. Starfish
3. Nightwater
4. Hall Of Memories
5. Midnight Snow
6. Night Of The Hunter
7. Firebright
8. Thunder In Tinseltown
9. Empire Of Lies
10. The Dance

In 2009 a second release appeared called "Ostara".

On this album Steve Rothery and Hannah Stobart were accompanied by Paul Craddick on drums, Jo Rothery doing additional backing vocals & Mike Hunter on additional keyboards and percussion.
Steve Rothery himself played guitars, bass & keyboards and and also produced the album.

The album featured 8 tracks, being:

1. Ostara (5:16)
2. Easy (5:26)
3. Hollow Hills (6:21)
4. Seventh Sign (5:43)
5. Falling (5:55)
6. Fly (4:41)
7. Kingfisher (4:16)
8. Soldier (5:36)


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