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Tangerine Dream - “The London Eye & The Los Angeles Concert (2008)(2DVD)

Article No. eastgate 009 DVD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 2 DVD SET (Disc 1 Double Layer) PAL
Status: Live Performance 2008
Audio: 5.1 Surround
Playing Time: Disc 1 ca. 3:00 h, Disc 2 ca. 2:00 h

Two weekends early November 2008 – 1st weekend, a night in the freezing cold and rainy city of London and a week later the 2nd night out in sunny Southern California – the weather contrast could not have been more different but what about the two shows? We, the people from Eastgate, just announce this 2DVD set – you - as part of the TD friend or fan community - should find out which one you can relate to or feel more sympathies with. For the band it was a short adventure trip – please find out about the two shows in a filmed document coming in one packing ready to be shipped in a week from now – on August 28th.

PS: “The London Eye Concert” is the full concert version, but as we had restricted filming conditions in L.A. “The Los Angeles Concert” is a shortened version limited to (still) two hours. Enjoy! PS: The first 100 buyers will receive a special postcard!!:-)
Track Listing:

01. Trauma
02. Serpent Magique
03. Terra Coda
04. No Man's Land
05. Sally's Garden
06. Hyperborea 2008
07. Sphinx Lightning Part 1
08. Carmel California
09. Leviathan
10. Wisdom And Tragedy
11. Blue Bridge
12. Fire On The Mountain
13. Leaving The Masters For Good
14. Cinnamon Road
15. Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit
16. The Last Soldier
17. Wu-Wei
18. Sphinx Lightning Part 2
19. Going West
20. Point Of No Return
21. Loved By The Sun
22. Love On A Real Train 2008
23. Streethawk
24. Sadness Of Echnaton Losing The World Child
25. One Night In Space
26. Tomorrow Never Knows
27. Cloudburst Flight 2008
+ BONUS Track


01. Trauma
02. No Man's Land
03. Sally's Garden
04. Hyperborea 2008
05. Sphinx Lightning Part 1
06. Carmel California
07. Leviathan
08. Blue Bridge
09. Fire On The Mountain
10. Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit
11. Scrapyard 2008
12. Libération
13. Going West
14. Loved By The Sun
15. Love On A Real Train
16. One Night In Space
17. Beach Theme
18. Cloudburst Flight 2008

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