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Loom - The Tree Hates The Forest (2013)


December 2013, Loom released their first full length studio album called The Tree Hates The Forest. For the people who donīt know Loom yet, Loom is an electronic music band fronted by ex-Tangerine Dream members Jerome Froese and Johannes Schmoelling.

Here is the tracklist for the first Loom album:

01. Polaroids From Anywhere 08:09
02. Cloudwalk 04:35
03. Quantal Highways 04:17
04. The Vedic Ritual 08:39
05. A Grand Solar Minimum 07:07
06. Bandhu 09:33
07. A Night Out At The Cirqus Voltaire 06:17
08. Chants Beyond The Underworld 05:07
09. Emerald Suite 08:27
10. Tachycardia 05:54

67 minutes of traditional electronica, combined with great melodies, modern guitar techniques and virtuosic musicality.

For more details on this release, you can check the following websites:


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