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Plackband - Biography
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:58:33 AM »
I found a short Plackband biography on Prog Archives:

Halfway the Seventies the Dutch progrock formation Plackband was founded with this line-up:

Kees Bik (vocals, Mellotron)
Ronald Brautigam (guitar and vocals)
Michel van Wassem (keyboards and vocals)
Albert de Keijzer (bass and Moog-pedals)
Tom van der Meulen (drums and percussion)

The Plackband were local heroes, but gradually they became more and more known and the Plackband even appeared on the national Dutch radio. Unfortunately musical disputes lead to the demise in 1982. Until then they never got the opportunity to record an album, only a single entitled "Seventy Warriors/Some Party" (from 1978, nowadays a collectors item).

In 2000 the Plackband reunited and released in the original line-up the live-CD "The Lost Tapes", including all their best songs. Two years later the Plackband released the album "After The Battle" and a single entitled "Remember Forever", including the new title track and the two songs from the single "Seventy Warriors".
The sound of the Plackband is a tribute to mid-Genesis, very warm, melodic and with strong vocal harmonies, lush keyboards and powerful guitarwork. In 2004 singer Kees Bik was replaced by Karel Messemaker, who knew Ronald and Michel from the Dutch formation "November", the successor of the Plackband.

In 2009 the Plackband were reincarnated as PBII featuring original members Tom van der Meulen, Ronald Brautigam, and Michel Van Wassem with a debut CD release in 2010.
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