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Listening to Steve Hackett - Premonitions - The Charisma Recordings 1975-1983 - Voyage of the Acolyte, the Dolby 5.1 version.

It sounds magical. Waiting for the extended version of Shadow of the Hierophant. Curious if the extension is worth waiting for.

Listening to the Voyage of the Acolyte, the Dolby 5.1 version called for more.

So now listening to Steven Wilsons 5.1 remix of another Hackett classisc, being Please donīt touch.

Still in a Hackett kinda mood, so now listening to the Spectral Mornings remix.

I like it.  :)

And now in conclusion of my journey through Steveīs early years, now listening to Defector, which brings back good memories of the early 80īs, when I watched Steve performing live in Utrecht during the Defector tour.

Over the last hour, I have been listening to the 2015 re-issue of Roger Waters "Amused to Death". the dts version.

This is the only RW solo album worth listening to as far as Iīm concerned.


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