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Pythagoras recorded two albums both released in 1981. The first one was called "Journey to the vast unknown" and the second one "After the silence".
Both were private releases on Syntone Records, but After the silence was later re-released by EMI.

In 2011 another album surfaced, with material which was recorded for a third album which was never released because Pythagoras disbanded before it was finished.
This release is called "The Correlated ABC".

Pythagoras - Journey to the vast unknown

Side 1 featured the following tracks:

1. Journey to the vast unknown part 1 - 6.28
2. Journey to the vast unknown part 2 - 4.30
3. Journey to the vast unknown part 3 - 6.56
4. Journey to the vast unknown part 4 - 4.29

Side 2 featured two tracks:

1. Into the In - 9.58
2. When it comes - 9.28


Rene de Haan - Synthersizers, Sequencer & Strings Piano
Bob de Jong - Drums, Percussion & Tibetan Bells

Like most private releases the cover was a pencil drawing and had handwritin credits. Sorry, but the LP cover doesn't fit on my scanner.

Pythagoras - After the Silence

Side 1:

After the Silence
1st Movement  - Introduction
2nd Movement - Opus 1 diabolus in musica
2nd Movement - Opus 2 etude for flying V
2nd Movement - Opus 3 scherzo
3rd Movement  - Endless hymn

Side 2:

4th Movement - Opus 1 turn
4th Movement - Opus 2 return
5th Movement - Opus 1 caprice
5th Movement - Opus 2 interludium
5th Movement - Opus 3 reprice
6th Movement - Sherzo reprice
7th Movement - Grand finale


Bob de Jong - Drums, Bass Pedals, Electric Piano & Sony TCS 310
Rene de Haan - Trilogy 49 voice polyphonic synthersizer, Firstman 1024 step digital sequencer, Korg ARP and Kawai synthersizers, String ensemble, Mellotron church organ and choir arrangements


Carolien Krul - Flute
Arjen "Aeryon" Lucassen - Guitar & Bass Pedals
Martin Knaap - Bass
Nick Blaser - Violin
Michel van Wassem - Novotron


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