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Pendragon - Short Story 1977 - 2002
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:36:33 PM »
The Pendragon story

The Pendragon story all started around 1977 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, not far from London. The career of this English quartet can not be summed with just a few words:

For the last 25 years, without any massive financial support, without any well known manager and with very little coverage from the media but thanks to their perseverance, sheer stubbornness and their loyal and faithful public, not forgetting the excellent press reviews from all around the world (1), Pendragon are still there, following their own independant road to fame, recording albums of an excellent quality (2), which attract new fans all the time (3) and filling concert halls such as Hammersmith Apollo in England, Bataclan/Transbordeur in France, Vredenburg Muziekcentrum in Holland, etc.

To this day Pendragon have sold over 250000 albums worldwide, their previous studio album The Masquerade Overture reached the 60000 mark.

Following the example of their music, songwriting and album covers, Pendragon seems to have become timeless. And when you hear their songs is just like listening told a story that captivates every listener's imagination.

1983: following their appearance at the Reading Festival (30.000 people) Pendragon were invited by Tommy Vance to record a session for his evening show the Friday Rock Show on the BBC and thanks to him they got national recognition.

1984: Fly High Fall Far their first mini album was released on the Elusive records label founded by John Arnison who was at the time Marillion's manager. Distribution was done by E.M.I. and Charisma (Genesis, etc.).

1985: first concert outside England was in Holland, they opened for Marillion at the Vredenburg Muziekcentrum in Utrecht.

1988: Toff Records was founded and became their very own record company.

1991: release of The World their 3rd studio album. This was their first recognisable album, the one which revealed the Pendragon sound to everyone - a sound recognizable all around the world, the one with its ever rock style which calls all your senses with its melodies. It is emotional, catchy, and timeless. A large number of new listeners are seduced by the poetical and textual refinement of their songs.

1993: an album recorded live in France The Very Very Bootleg (Live in Lille) which became the first Mob CD to be given away to all members of their fan clubs.

1995: Utrecht... the Final Frontier: 10 years after, Pendragon are the headliners at the Vredenburg Muziekcentrum. Also, their first concert on the North American soil in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

1997 Live... at Last!: first live video, a secret gig of the "Masquerade Overture Tour" recorded during their apperance in 1996 in Kraków by Polish TV.

1998: first gigs in South Amercian soil (in Brasil, Chile and Argentina).

2000: Pendragon appear for the first time on French TV: RFM TV broadcasted a couple of times their "Live... At Last!" show in Poland.

2001: Not of this World, their 6th brand new studio album. 5 years after their previous european tour, Pendragon are back on the road. The band played again in famous venues such as "Bikini" in Spain, "Bataclan" and "Transbordeur" in France, "Hafenbahn" in Germany, "Proxima" and "Miasto" in Poland, "013" in Holland, the "Mean Filder" (formerly A2) in UK, etc. with always this particuliar warm and enthusiast welcome from the audience.

2002: Pendragon was the headline of the Baja Festival in Mexico (March). May saw the releases of Acoustically Challenged (recorded live by Radio 3 ? Poland during the "Not Of This World" tour) and of their video "Live... At Last And More..." on DVD (including bonus tracks). Both were promoted at that period with a summer foretaste mini-tour in Europe.
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