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2012 • 40th Anniversary

In 2012 Kayak celebrates their 40th anniversary with the 'Journey Through Time' tour that would continue into 2013. Then there's a book: a biography  (written by Irene Linders, based upon the views and notes of founder Ton Scherpenzeel). In the meantime, preparations are being made for new ambitious project, the third rock opera in the band's history: Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis. The double album is scheduled to be released mid 2014. Because of the fact that the costs of recording and releasing the new project are estimated to be considerably higher than the average album, Kayak starts a crowdfunding campaign, hoping for the financial support and loyalty of their fans.

2014 - 2015 Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis

After a period of over two years preparing and recording the new rock opera is finally released. The double album (the band's third within ten years time!) is financed partly by a crowdfunding campaign. Kayak allows fans to participate and invest in the new production, and in return band members are involved in special actions, like a unique semi-acoustic concert for an audience of 50, the possibility to get one's name in the liner notes of the album booklet, or getting the album delivered at home by Ton and Irene. The CD features several guest vocalists: Martin van der Starre, Alexander van Breemen, Marjolein Teepen (who had been part of the Nostradamus-cast in 2005) and Greek singer Tatiana Manolidou.
To everyone's suprise singers Cindy Oudshoorn and Edward Reekers announce that they will leave Kayak after the last gig in 2014. The news comes only a few weeks before the release and upcoming club tour. Though their decision will obviously have quite an impact on the band's future, Ton Scherpenzeel makes it clear that it does not mean Kayak will call it a day as well, but mentions no concrete plans to present a new line up any time soon.
In regards to developing 'Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis' as a spectacle to theaters or special events in the new year it will not make a big difference: for Cindy and Edward's respective roles as Cleopatra and The Sicilian replacements will be found.
In March 2015 Kayak (Ton Scherpenzeel, Rob Vunderink, Joost Vergoossen, Jan van Olffen and Sjoerd Rutten, replacing Hans Eijkenaar) & Guests (with Marjolein Teepen and Rolf Koster replacing Cindy and Edward) perform the rock opera at a special outside event on the Dutch island of Texel for a crowd of 1500 people that endure the cold and windy weather to watch and listen to this unique show. The band and guests are joined by a regional choir and two dancers, and the story itself is enhanced by video images that were especially made for the show.


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