Author Topic: Tangerine Dream - The Sessions III (2018)  (Read 1190 times)


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Tangerine Dream - The Sessions III (2018)
« on: September 22, 2018, 07:32:01 AM »
Another release in the popular Sessions Series, featuring live improvisations of TD's recent line-up.

Quote from TD's website:

The Sessions III EP contains instant live compositions (about 77 min of music) from the current TD line-up Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane. The first track Hanseatic Harbour Lights was recorded from the extraordinary show at the very new classic concert hall Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg/Germany on 7th February 2018. The second track OST was recorded during their performance at the Synasthesie Festival III at Volksbühne in Berlin.

Tangerine Dream are very much enjoying their new respectively revived concept of performing a so-called real time composition session at the end of their concerts. We hope that you will enjoy these spontaneous and exceptional live tracks - inspired by the location and a great audience as well.

Music was my first love and still an important part of my life.