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After Edgar Froese´s tragic death on January 30th 2015, the rest of TD´s members and management have been reconsidering TD´s future. Here some news which reached us early February 2015:

Some TD-news, published by TD´s administration office:


* So far everything will go on concerning our Eastgate Shop and further Releases.
* The band is carefully beginning to think about how and if it will go on.
* The band will perform a tribute concert for Edgar, that's for sure. No further details so far.
* Besides the band will compose a tribute album for Edgar.
* Bianca, Edgar's wife, working together with Edgar closely on the Eastgate label for many years, will continue Edgar's legacy in dignity and in memory of Edgar's exceptional personality - she and the band will be soon developing some ideas for the future to let the Dream continue, at least a little Dream.....
* The autobiography of TD/Edgar will also be continued by Bianca and she will add some more special chapters as well. This takes time and we like to ask you to give her this time. At any rate there will be a compact and fascinating book in about several months.
* The new albums, Supernormal - The Australian Concerts 2014 and Booster VII will be in stock on 5.2.2015 and shipping can be started now. You will receive a wonderful XL-Booklet with the Supernormal album with beautiful pics from Edgar and the band in Australia - a great memory of the last tour of Tangerine Dream....

More news which reached us at the end February 2015:

Peter Baumann returns and the DREAM continues...

Some TD-news taken from

* Famed ex-Tangerine Dream musician Peter Baumann has posted the following comment on the ZEST facebook group page:   
"Hallo everyone - as all of you I was shocked by Edgar's sudden departure. Just a month ago I visited him in Austria making plans for a new project. Well, there will be a new project, and Edgar's fingerprints will be all over it. His personality will permeate everything that is composed/produced under the TD name."

* Ex-Tangerine Dream man Peter Baumann has posted the following message to FaceBook:
Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm just now sitting in a plane returning from Austria after meeting with Bianca and the TD crew. After many, many years, last October I felt compelled to return to making music - that's when I contacted Edgar and visited him in Austria in early January - those were some of the most emotional and intense days in my life. We're now in the midst of planing the next phase of TD, I believe it will be magical!

In April 2015, more news followed:

1. Message from Bianca, Thorsten, Ulrich & Hoshiko

Hi everyone,

It's still not easy to address some words to you as we all do miss Edgar immensely.....
But we think we owe you an explanation why we have decided to continue working together despite the painful loss of Edgar.

On numerous occasions over the past months Edgar explained his vision for what was to become the first album of the 'Quantum Years'. Some of the changes he suggested were rather radical ones, others more aiming towards an evolutionary progression of what's been there already.

As a consequence we (Edgar, Thorsten and Ulrich) had already begun working on material for this project - the initial plan was to get together at some point during the first half of this year and to create a joint record on the basis of those ideas.
It'll be the greatest challenge since we started making music to finish this project without Edgar's physical presence but due to the instructions he has already given us and the sketches he recorded, we feel that we should at least try to realize Edgar's vision.

We assure you that we'll do our best to produce a result that is as close as possible to what he would've wanted it to be.
We're also grateful that Peter Baumann (ex-member of TD) has agreed to support us with this project - he'll even be present during the 2nd half of a longer recording session that's currently been scheduled for this April.

Again, we're fully aware of the extreme challenge that this task represents - but we're also hoping that we'll manage to come up with a result that will satisfy Edgar - and you.

2. Edgar's Autobiography

As we already told you in our last newsletter Bianca, Edgar's wife, took over the book project of her husband now and will finish his work during the next months, so there is a mountain of work ahead.... Thanks very much in advance for your kind understanding that she will need time to put together this important book. In any case she plans to release it in 2015.

At the same time she would like to ask some fans who shot nice pics from Edgar and the band - especially during the 70ies and 80ies - if they would be prepared to make them available for the book, of course those fans would be credited in the book in case we would use their pics. Please just send a mail to - many thanks in advance for your support.

3. New Releases

Of course we are working on a special tribute album as mentioned above, but before we would like to release the London concert of 2014 (Phaedra Farewell Tour) as Blu-ray. This concert was one of the first concerts on the Farewell tour last May and many British fans as well as fans from all over the world enjoyed this special concert at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire very much. We hope to finish this film project by the end of this month and release it by mid May of this year.

In the last weeks many of you asked for Edgar's solo album "ORANGE LIGHT YEARS" (double CD, compilation) which was out of stock for some time and we like to inform you that this CD will be in stock again from 22nd April on - including a new reworked mastering.

See tracklist here:

4. TDOC Club

We definitely would like to continue with the TDOC Club and thank all members for your patience over the last weeks. There will be a considerable update by the end of this month including a new raffle as well.
If you have some interesting ideas for the club or special TD related input we would be happy to collect all ideas and gems and possibly release them in our club. Please mail to, if you like to contribute something - thank you.

5. SCHALLWELLE AWARD for EDGAR FROESE's lifetime achievement & more...

SCHALLWELLE - the German Award for Electronic Music - awarded Edgar this year for his LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT.

At the same time they made a special gift to Edgar, they gave him a STAR: VEGA in the sign of the zodiak LEIER, distance = 25 light years, 2.7 times as big as the sun and a luminosity of 54 times brighter than the sun!

Further TD related Awards:

1. Prize = Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014 - Tangerine Dream


1. Prize = Sleepwalking Marathon (is not Olympic) - Picture Palace music
(the project of TD member Thorsten Quäschning)

Please get more details here:


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